Ken Markert

Community Planning Consultant, MMI Planning, Cody, WY.  April 2003 - present
  • Founder and sole proprietor of consulting firm providing services to public- and private-sector clients specializing in planning solutions for the small towns, cities, and rural regions of Wyoming and Montana.


Planning Coordinator, Park County Planning & Zoning Dept., Cody, WY. Nov. 1996 – Jan. 2003
  • Head of department and administrator of all county land use programs; Responsible for administration of zoning, subdivision, flood plain, and septic systems programs.

  • Directed development of the county’s Land Use Plan (adopted in 1998), which included “Land Use Survey” opinion poll of 4,800 landowners and “Land Suitability Analysis” computerized mapping analysis of county.

  • Directed development of the Zoning Resolution (adopted in June 2000), the first comprehensive revision of county zoning regulations since 1980.

  • Chaired committee that helped change state statutes in 2001 to simplify the review process for minor subdivisions and eliminate loopholes in the state subdivision act.  Developed model regulations to implement the new statute.

  • Organized and directed a planning process addressing the County’s jail overcrowding problem resulting in an approved plan and complete financing for a new $13.9 million city-county jail; Prepared successful grant application obtaining $4.5 million grant toward project construction; Led public education process culminating in passage of a $7.3 million local sales tax proposition with 63% of the vote in November 2003, the first optional sales tax ever approved in the county.


Executive Director, Coalition of Watershed Towns, Delhi, NY. March 1991 - Feb. 1995
  • Founded and managed inter-municipal organization of rural communities comprising New York City’s water supply watersheds and represented the communities in deliberations over the city’s watershed protection program.

  • Directed complex negotiations over technical, administrative and economic issues, resulting in a November 1995 agreement that provided $375 million for water quality infrastructure and economic development and created a local agency to run many watershed programs.

  • Developed recognized expertise in technical and administrative aspects of water quality protection in rural regions. 

  • Kept 300 elected officials informed on issues and involved in the process.

  • Served as organization’s primary media contact at local, state and national levels including National Public Radio’s Morning Edition, the New York Post, the Natural Resources Defense Council’s Amicus Journal, the Empire State Report, and a retrospective oral history of the conflict.

  • Coordinated efforts to raise operating funds of over $1 million from member municipalities, grants and private contributions.

  • Consultant to the Coalition of Watershed Towns, 1995 - 1996.


Planning Director, Delaware County Planning Dept., Delhi, NY.  Dec. 1988 - Feb. 1995
  • Head of department providing planning services to rural, Upstate NY county and 24 municipalities.Advised and assisted municipal planning boards engaged in reviewing site plans, special use permits, subdivisions, rezonings, and ordinance revisions. 

  • Assisted five communities to develop and adopt their first zoning ordinances.

  • Co-directed task force that addressed county’s solid waste crisis resulting in successful landfill expansion and savings to county of $17 million.

  • Established program providing a soil scientist to review septic system suitability in proposed subdivisions and model regulations to require soil testing (adopted by eleven towns).

  • Member of task force that resolved a dispute over proposed watershed regulations on dairy and livestock farms -- lead to a voluntary farm program funded entirely by non-farm sources and accepted by area farmers as well as by regulatory authorities and environmental interests.


Planning Administrator, Clarke County, Berryville, Virginia. April 1985 - Dec. 1988

  • Carried out all planning functions during a period of unprecedented development pressure in a small, rural Virginia county.

  • Served as staff to Planning Commission, Board of Zoning Appeals, Historic Preservation Commission, Agricultural Districts Advisory Committee and Town-County Annexation Committee.

  • Revised the county comprehensive plan, zoning and subdivision regulations and significantly strengthened agricultural land preservation program.

  • Directed joint town-county annexation and comprehensive planning project leading to town and county agreement on future land use on 2,000 acres around the county’s largest town.